Monday, June 29, 2009


Our daughter, Rebecca, posted this on her blog as one of her favorite hymns.  We were moved by this as it is one of our favorites hymns too.  Hope it lifts your spirit as it did ours.



Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness - that was absolutely beautiful! This is one of my favorite hymns also and I love to hear it - Thank you for sharing such a stirring and heartfelt rendition...

As always - you both are in my thoughts and prayers and your names are on the Boston Temple Prayer Roll as well as the D.C. Temple Prayer Roll...I know how helpful it is and how it feels to know that so many people are praying on your behalf...

Be strong, but don't be afraid to lean on and gather strength from those around you who want so much to help in anyway possible...Wish I was close by to help, but know I am there in spirit!
Judy Grabert

lovelaughtermusic said...

I am thankful our loving Father has given us music; I just love how the spirit touches our heart through beautiful music with such power. Thank you for sharing that beautiful "prayer". I love you and am praying for Kevin's return to good health and the comforting love of Heavenly Father to be with you all.

April said...

I second that! That sends chills through my body everytime I hear it. Thank you for sharing it!

You both and your family are in our prayers as well as the ward! We love you, we miss you, we pray for you! Remember that you are loved so much! Please keep me posted on everything and we'll be checking in on you.
Much love,