Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dangerous Discovery

Definitely did discover dangerous delectables during a drop into Walmart. Depressed by dint of the demise of Ding Dongs I did delve the shelves of dubious duplications. I did detain a decoction developed by diametrically dismantled engineering. My dubiosity did develop into the done deed. Dollars donated. Their designation a deceptively devilish dessert.
Then I ate it.
The distinction differed to my delight. The denoted generic 'Ding Dongs' did define themselves deluxe at a discount. My disdain dissolved; as did the devilish delight.
This is dangerous.


1 comment:

love from Aunt Renie said...

My dismay at the demise of Ding Dongs is disuaded by your demonstration of a delightfully delectable but dietariy disastrous discovery.