Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Thoughts

A view from our front porch

I love my job, no, really, I do! I have been known to employ sarcasm on occasion; and limited only to verbal communication bereft of vocal intonation; I do love my job. Mostly I enjoy sitting down with patients and helping them through their problems. To answer the question that I was asked so often, I am a better doctor after being a patient. But I wouldn't recommend that other physicians employ this self-improvement method for themselves. I listen better. I always give hope and occasionally I share my own experience with them, but only when I feel that it will help my patient to be more at ease. I don't compare. I don't want to become the 'Me Monster'. The day goes by so fast and it is already 5:00 P.M. and time to ride my scooter home.

I think that riding a scooter is just as cool as riding a Harley. My helmet goes oh so well with my Oxford shirt, tie and Sperry Topsiders.

The sunset was amazing tonight. I rode past my neighbors, Jennifer and Frank, and decided to stop to have her come out and watch. A minute later a very wet and very naked 18 month old boy runs out, escaping his evening shower. She was embarrassed but I reassured her that, as a urologist, I am professionally trained to deal with these situations. I didn't charge her, however, for the exam. I continued to ride to the top of the hill where there is a 360 degree view for 100 miles both East and West. As the sun set over the Coastal Range on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley the cloud colors became vibrant and illuminated. To the East the rising moon was surrounded by clouds of orange, pink and magenta. (if I knew girly names of colors, I would use them too.) The warm dry air served to invite the local fauna as this happy traveler arrived home with bugs in his teeth.

Barbie started school on Monday and is very stressed. She, through divine providence, was able to add Microbiology only to have her professor's stern warning not to take anatomy concurrently. Asi es la vida, que va hacer. I have complete faith in her that she will succeed; veni vidi vici.

My low white count last week was quite effectively treated by Dr Sardar as he gave me Neupogen, which I self-injected for three days, to bring my count back up to 6,200 from 800.

Another bit of good news, my light chain level this cycle came back at 124 mg/l (or 12.4 mg/dl). It is now at 33% of what I started at prior to the Revlimid, Cytoxan abd Decadron. All in all, it has been a good day.

Tomorrow we discuss Web 2.0



Emma and Dan said...

What an amazing picture! Seeing the actual sunset in person must have been breathtaking. I'm glad that you are feeling better, sorry for Barbie's stress, and super thrilled that we will be seeing you guys in CA for Christmas.
Just think, Barbie, by then you'll be done with BOTH classes. :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is uplifting. Dad was diagnosed w AL w Heart involvement on 25jun09, I found your blog the next day. He's 66, It took ~ 2 yrs to diagnose. He started treatment w Revlimid & Decadron (24jul at UCSF), he has lost so much weight, and has had fluid retention (lung sac) multiple "taps" (1 tomorrow). my siblings, mom and I try to keep positive & supportive. I am soo happy for where you are at with your health! All the best!