Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend in Pacifica

Day + 31 Health Score 85

I never expected to be 85 this soon. That is what I was prior to the stem cell transplant on my better days. It is probably because I went into work today; mostly to take care of administrative items and prepare fro my eventual resumption of duties. It felt so 'normal' to be there. I am anxious for the day when I begin to see patients again. It will be here soon.

Since we had an appointment with Dr Arai (BMT) on Friday and then would attend the Amyloidosis support group in Walnut Creek on Saturday, we decided to stay in a hotel Friday night. We stayed in the Best Western Lighthouse Inn in Pacifica. Our room was literally 10 feet from the beach. As you can see, we our continually drawn to the beach, to be Pacific. The support group is quite helpful, in that the fellow participants can often answer the questions that the doctors can't. They also had a breakout session specifically for caregivers. Those who care for the chronically ill face very difficult challenges that are often overlooked as people focus on the person that is ill. I am glad that Barbie was able to attend.

We spent Easter with our friends, the Hinson's and ate prime rib. Skip ham, I thing prime rib should be the new tradition. We then spent the evening visiting and singing. Rebecca and Caitlin sang one of the songs that they have written together. I am surrounded by talented women.


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Darlene Anderson said...

It's good to hear you're doing well and you obviously had a wonderful view from your hotel. Lucky you....ahhh, the beach, prime rib....what a weekend you all had! Plus, you're hanging out with some beautiful women!