Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ready to leave Stanford

Caitlin's Honors Piano Recital

Day + 20 Health score 82

What a wonderful feeling to be home. We drove into Lincoln about 4:00 PM after sitting in the ITA all morning. My labs are essentially back to normal. We were greeted by Caitlin and Rebecca, who somehow seem more beautiful than usual. Barbie was so relieved to be home and not have to split herself, as she has done for the last month. The first thing I did was to go stand in my backyard and soak in the most beautiful day in my recent memory; 75 degrees, scattered clouds and everything is green and growing.

The timing was nice because Caitlin performed in the Honors recital tonight. She played one of my favorite pieces and was transcendent. It just feels good to be home.

I go back next Tuesday for a heart biopsy at Kaiser, Santa Clara and follow up at Stanford for oncology and BMT. It will be a busy day, but at least we are home during Barbie and Caitlin's Spring break.



Lydia said...

I'm so happy that your home Kevin you look soooo handsome standing mext to such beautiful girls, Congratulations to Caitlen on her piano recital. Love you all so much. See you soon. Lydia

Aunt Renie said...

Dear Barbie & Kevin,
I am filled with joy for you!
In my gratitude for the loving care you have received, I made some little gifts for you to share & put them in the mail yesterday. Hope they bring a smile.
love, Aunt Renie

Darlene Anderson said...

Well, well, Boppo, It's fantastic to see you out of the hospital gown and enjoying a beautiful day with your women. Is it possible you're on the other side of this opportunity/challenge? Yippee!!!!

Tony said...

It must be the ice cream, I wish I ate some while in E1, all I could put down were popsicles.
Still time to change careers and became a U2 pilot with such a amazing speed of recovery!
Great going, you did it!!!!!!!
Time to celebrate!


Patty Kuntzmann said...

Welcome Home Kevin!

This is great news! I am so glad that you are all home again. Hope to see you all soon!
Love, Patty