Monday, April 27, 2009

Dimmer Switch

The hardest thing about coming home is learning to pace yourself. The nurses and doctors warn you. I have given my patients the same advice for years. But, once you walk through that door, all of those ignored priorities are there to greet you. Additionally, after becoming the emaciated man twice in one year, one has a desire to find that lost muscle mass to match the new baldness.
I feel like a light switch; either on or off. I need to install a dimmer switch.

Last week was quite busy. On Monday I drove with Rebecca to Utah as she starts school again tomorrow at BYU. She will continue in her major, Marketing and Advertising and should graduate in June. She did not tell me that her apartment was on the 3rd floor. The altitude, and the multiple trips up and down winded me. Alexandria and Jeremy are doing well. Alexandria got an intern position doing quality assurance at a meat processing company. Jeremy was supposed to take the MCAT last Friday, but a computer glitch shut down the testing center delaying him by two months to take the test necessary to apply to medical school. He was, however, very calm about it; resolving to put that extra time to better use. Sam and Michelle are doing well looking forward to the slower pace of summer. I was also able to visit family and old friends (a roommate from 32 years ago) making it an enjoyable trip.

I flew home Thursday to celebrate Caitlin's 16th birthday, but the real party was on Saturday. We had a barbecue/swim party for about 25 friends. She had a great time; but for me, Sunday was now a day to crash. My health score yesterday would have been 76. Today, however, I'm back to 82.

I will now pace myself a little better.


Caitlin and Grandma Dison
blowing out candles

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Emma and Dan said...

Aw, Caitlin and Abuelita got to celebrate together. That's awesome! Wish we could have joined in on the fun. Thanks for posting family pictures. Everyone looks great!
I'm glad that you took it easy for a day (or maybe two?) and that you feeling better.