Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wow Squared

Finally I have figured out the elusive equation that defines personal happiness (at least for this week).
It follows that happiness equals:

Weekly Happiness = Children's Happiness (N^7) x (7-[n2+n3])days/week x WOW^2

WOW^2: Wow squared represents what I uttered out-loud today as I clicked on that final result from my electronic medical record (being an MD has its percs) and seeing the number 38 staring back at me. (20 is normal.) This is the lowest that my Kappa light chains have been in recorded history, Wow................Wow!
For those interested in the treatment of amyloidsosis this resulted from the conversation I had last month with Dr. Schrier. Revlimid had stopped making a noticeable difference, therefore Velcade (or Bortezomib) was added (not replaced.) The Kaiser Cancer Clinic now gives the weekly Velcade dose subcutaneously as opposed to intravenous. This is reported to decrease the side effect of neuropathy. This may be true as my neuropathy has only slightly worsened, (above my usual baseline of tingling toes,) after 4 doses. Unfortunately, it also causes skin reactions at the injection site. The first was the worst, however since then I have asked the nurse to inject with the full needle perpendicular to the skin to bury the dose as deep as possible. The last three have had much less of a reaction. I got very sick from Velcade two years ago, but haven't had that reaction this time. I am now off my Revlimid for a month, but will continue weekly Velcade and dexamethasone. I will repeat the Kappa level in 4 weeks. If it remains low, bye bye, Revlimid. Does a lower kappa chain level indicate I will live longer and prosper? Fascinating question; no answer. Hopefully.

All of our children are happy this week. 2 daughters-in-law both got great jobs this week to support their twin husbands as they begin graduate school (deja vu all over again). Son-in-law loving school supported by my daughter as she starts her career in her dream job. (As seen on TV) Youngest daughter voraciously attacking her first semester of college with aplomb, while being wooed by a very nice and overly eligible young man. I once heard a wise man say that a parent is only as happy as their saddest child. In this case the inverse remains true while the contra positive paradoxically is not. (at least not relevant). Furthermore, the increase does not occur linearly, rather exponentially. Children's happiness N (number of children)^7.

Some days the drugs steal my joy for a little while; usually 2 days after the dexamethasone for 2 days. Hence the (7-[n2+n3]) giving 5 goods days a week.

All in all this represents a whole boatload of happiness. I am going to bottle up some of it and share it with others. This is clearly too much to keep for myself.


P.S. I just noticed that it is 12:01 A.M., Happy Birthday, Rebecca.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations on your lowered kappa free light chains. I also have my monthly appt with Dr Schrier tomorrow, getting close to normal FLCs.