Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Lucky Stars

For Fathers' Day Barbie surprised me with tickets to see Alison Krauss in concert in Lake Tahoe. Years ago, Barbie had me listen to one of her songs called "The Lucky One". Many of the lyrics reminded her of me, (except the line about the 'one night stand') Many have called me lucky or said that I have had a charmed life. This is true. After graduating from high school as a junior, I left for BYU with a few scholarships tucked under my arm when I was 16 (well, almost 17). My Uncle Harold, who lives in Utah, said a man, upon hearing my story, claimed that I was really lucky. My uncle responded, "He makes his own luck."
My life has always been exciting to me. I learn something new every day. I meet new people every day. I feel loved every day. Some, when they hear of my recent conditions will express sincere sorrow on my behalf. Grateful I am for their concern, but I don't feel sorrow. I feel incredibly lucky. This morning I was worried because my labs weren't good. Especially concerning was my creatinine rising. This indicates kidney trouble. immediately, my physician reflexes search for cause and effect. What have I changed in the last 3 months to account for these setbacks. I went to work and soon forgot all this as I spent a very busy day in clinic. Barbie was concerned as well, but ultimately we both let it go as hope returned. I had asked for help, I met with my friend and local oncologist, Dr Sardar. I made an appointment with my Stanford oncologist, Dr Schrier. I cannot be my own doctor.
As I sat under the canopy of stars arising from the canopy of midnight oaks. I felt to thank my lucky stars. Summer arrives as Cassiopeia lifts above the northeastern horizon shaped as a 'W'. My lucky stars. I see Barbie in the center with my four children surrounding. (The twins borrowed from a nearby constellation.) I see the Little Dipper, forever anchored by the constancy of Polaris, as it fills the big dipper to overflowing. Some see luck, some maintain coincidence, while others experience miracles. I feel the Path of God. The journey, unique to me and to us, that He has laid out for me to follow, if I choose. The path that has the lessons that I need to learn and the lives that I need to touch. On that path I have ever only felt true joy and peace. Even sorrows and failure have brought triumph.
My five lucky stars tonight form a 'W'. Wonder, worry, Waiting, whining,Winning, warning, Willing, wilting, Walking, weeping, Wishing. Worship.
I have always known the source of my luck, never coincidence, often miraculous, always teaching and forever learning. I will remain on this Path as long as He needs me to.



Aunt Renie said...

You are forever on His path, Kevin. Thank you for your living testimony.
Sending lots of love to you and Barbie.

Kristin said...

Hey Kevin, miss you guys already. Say hello to Barbie and start planning your trip out to see us!! Oh and BTW, Allison Kraus is one of my favorites! Neal and I listened to her a ton when we were first married.

Tippi said...

hi kev just stopping in to say hello and hope all is well