Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Perfect Day

Last Friday was the perfect day. How, you may ask, is it possible to marry off your daughter in a city 600 miles from both the groom and brides home, cater your own reception and have a wonderful time where everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves? It is a wedding miracle. You start with the bride's desire for simple elegance. To that add two easy-going mothers-in-law. And finally, the focus was primarily on the temple marriage; the party that followed merely remained as a time to laugh and meet new relatives.
Rebecca and Jason beamed with excitement as they exited the temple to greet cheering family and friends waiting in the gale force winds blowing through temple square in Salt Lake City. Photos were attempted with hair blowing in all directions (for those with hair). Soon, Barbie and I were off to Draper, UT to a greenhouse/nursery where we would have the reception with tropical rains pelting the glass roof. It was a simple spread; cheese and crackers, mixed berries, saute'd meats with dipping sauces, sparkling lemonades and, of course, a huge cake of many colors (on the inside). Everyone pitched in to help.
Caitlin played the piano and sang a song that she wrote for Jason and Rebecca, followed by Rebecca performing a song she wrote specifically for Jason on their special day. Tears and lemonade flowed freely.
Barbie and I bid farewell to the newly wedded and as we drove back to the home of Barbie's parents, she observed with a very relaxed sigh, "That was the perfect day."



Brooke Trogdon said...

LOVE IT!!! I so cannot wait to see more pictures. I love her dress, the flowers, the idea and love my family. I'm sad I missed it, but Jason seems fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

Aunt Renie said...

Awwww.... I'm beaming with joy for the perfect day beginning their life-long commitment. Can't wait to see you all in Colorado!

Wendy said...

It was a beautiful day! Thank you for including us!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your family, and wishing you many many many more happy and warm moments.

Patty S.

Emma and Dan said...

I love the pictures and the true happiness that everyone is feeling in them!