Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recipe for a great day

Driving to work, I felt like it was going to be a great day. It wasn't like the stars were aligned. Actually, they were a bust. I just happened to wake up at 2:30 AM and I figured, Oh well, it is the peak of the Orionid meteor shower, let's have a look. I found a blanket and laid outside for 20 minutes. I only saw three minor meteors. I went back to bed.
Notwithstanding, I felt great, physically, when I woke up. I got to work and got my blood drawn for Prograf and Cellcept levels and noticed that they were doing Swine Flu shots. 3 minutes later, the needle was in my arm. Now I don't have to worry about that anymore. I am generally not paranoid, but I really, really, really did not want to get swine flew. After what happened with the CMV virus last June, I have been waiting for the vaccine with great anticipation.

The pig has flown.

All of my patients today were just great people; those of my old patients, additionally grateful to see me. With the feeling very much mutual. I then got to do a great surgical case, laser lithotripsy of a kidney stone.
I got home a little late (a 10 hour day) to find we were going out with our great friends, the Boatmans, to our favorite restaurant, Orchid Thai.
We ordered the usual: Crispy calamari salad, Tom kaa gai (Coconut soup), Laab (a minced chicken salad with lime, cilantro, mint and Thai chili served and scooped with cabbage leaves) and, of course, the dish to judge all Thai restaurants, pad kee mau (Drunken noodle). They were all served fresh and perfect tonight.
The Boatmans had just spent the weekend at cancer camp with their 7 year old son Tyler who has metastatic Wilms tumor, and their 3 others boys, Jack, Tanner and Robbie. It was a great experience for all of them. Later as I was describing my meds and labs to Maria, (using unfiltered medical jargon), she chuckled as she commented, "Isn't it amazing that I know exacting what you are talking about." We share a lot in common these days.
While in Raleys buying fruit, I saw Mallomars (chocolate and marshmallow cookies mad with real chocolate). These are generally sold only on the East coast during the non-Summer season. Of course, I bought a package. I love any combination of marshmallow and chocolate.

Tomorrow, we again step into the unknown. I will start Revlimid again, even though I know it puts me at greater risk of heart rejection. Eight years ago I remember saying to a medical student at Yale, "It is the risks we take that truly make us feel alive." Somehow that feels hauntingly more apropos today. Occasionally we pass through an experience that exists in a heightened sense of reality. This is one of them. We are making some changes in our new and made-up protocol. I will only take 5 mg daily for 21 days. And instead of one week off, I will restart the next course 5 weeks later to give my heart time to recover. Again, a guinea pig ( I sense a pork theme today).

I have had many good days recently, but today just felt great. You can't beat that.



Wendy said...

Speaking of pork...have you ever heard Jim Gaffigan (comedian) talk about Bacon? Funny! Love you guys!

Kristin said...

Kevin, you make me smile. Love the pig theme! Miss you guys! We need to hang out again soon!

Alexandria said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Are you planning on making marshmallows at Christmas this year? I was thinking about that this week (as Jeremy bought me a special present of marshmallow creme so we could make fluffernutter sandwiches).

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I really enjoyed reading your entry. Totally made me laugh outloud. When I read it to Rich he started laughing. We are having lunch at Union station in DC before catching train to Philly. Rich has been off Relimid for over a week and always feels so much better. We are on business & pleasure. Thank u for your wonderful humor. Elle from AK

Mindy said...

The swine flew to Ohio. I am glad you are feeling good. I wish you could see the colors today. It would make a good day better. The weather has been terrible and the colors spectacular!! I took a picture of my house with the woods behind. I will send it to you soon.

Anonymous said...

To my prior entry I would like to add my best wishes to your friends who's son has Wilm's tumor. I had to look it up on the net. Another very rare cancer. When our son was nine he developed nephrotic syndrome but recovered after treatment. I know of no greater misery than to watch your loved one suffer from serious illness. Elle

Aunt Renie said...

I love it when your blog describes the full menu of delicious food enjoyed with friends!
We also went out to dinner Friday night. The guys talked about their MM, and we ladies about our new electric mattress pads that ease their nighly leg cramps.
Oh... and I've never seen such a well-groomed guinea pig!
love, Aunt Renie