Wednesday, October 7, 2009

good news

Kevin hasn't felt well the past few weeks: extra tired, week, dizzy, strange heart beats etc. The worry was that he was in heart rejection again. Yesterday he drove to Santa Clara for a biopsy. I just receive a call that he IS NOT IN HEART REJECTION. Great news!!

The question now is, "what is causing all these uncomfortable symptoms?"

Don't know yet - but gratetful his new heart is strong.



Anonymous said...

great to hear!

Anonymous said...

Greetings: The symptoms Kevin is experiencing are very similar to Rich's symptoms. Rich doesn't have cardiac symptoms but weakness, dizziness, stomach problems and really tired by the end of the day. On his week off the revlimid these symptoms improve. Maybe the revlimid is causing these symptoms with Kevin? I understand the difficulty in trying to figure this out all too well.

Elle from Anchorage

Unknown said...

I'm elated that Kevin is NOT in rejection.

God Bless your family

Aunt Renie said...

Prayers & Blessings,
your Aunt Renie

The Palmers said...

Found your blog from My2nd HeartBeat. I've read a few entries. Are you guys LDS? I was wondering from the mission comment in an earlier post. I'm LDS and my husband had a heart transplant over 8 months ago. Yesterday we got the news that he is experiencing rejection for the first time. I don't really know what that means yet besides bucketloads of prednisone. What have your experiences been?
Melanie Palmer
Calgary, Canada