Thursday, August 6, 2009


I loved Kevin's current post.  His humor is back with a vengeance and I can't complain.  But I am quite surprised there was no mention of our anniversary.  Today we have been married 27 years.  Unbelievable.  That's a long time.  Kevin remembers anniversaries better than I do.  One year he brought flowers home and I said, "What are those for?"  He reminded me that our anniversary was the next day.  Last night he brought me home 1 lb. of my favorite See's candy; dark chocolate walnuts.  I was quite impressed because usually half are walnuts and the other half are his favorites.  This time it was just for me.  He also added two small red foiled hearts in the center of the box; very touching and sweet.  
My life with Kevin has been full of excitement, adventure and many joys.  Our marriage hasn't been perfect, but we have both grown up a lot.  Thank goodness. I am him and he is me.  We get each other.  His memory is better and my singing is better.  His sandwiches are better and my baking is better.  His metaphors are better and, well, mine are mixed.  For example, just the other day I said, "He is out like a rock." "Light", he said.  Oh well.  I inherited it from my mother and I LOVE my mother.  He is more sentimental and I am, well, I'm just mental.  
All in all, he is the best thing that ever happened to me.   



Aunt Renie said...

Dearest Barbie, Happy Anniversary! (U 2 Kevin)
I did go back and read your first blogs - my, what a journey you have had! And your insights and growth along the way.
The blessing "May you never be the same," may seem a mixed message. But it's obvious that challenges change us. And you 2 have not changed, as much as deepened your wonderful, loving souls. Bless you always! love, Aunt Renie

rebecca said...

i love both of your posts! man you guys are hilarious! i love em! love em love em!! wooo!

Hua said...

Hello Barbie,

Happy 27th Anniversary! This is such a sweet post. You and your husband are very lucky to find each other.

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Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary!! My what a year it has been for you two.
It was SO WONDERFUL to see Kevin back at work, in his scrubs looking happy as ever.
Lots of love to the two of you

April said...

Happy Anniversary! That is wonderful! I loved your comment about the rock, I mean 'light'. So funny! I am the same way. :)

Betty said...

Barbie, that is so romantic. Happy, happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. I get your humor, is that bad? Maybe I get it because Dave and I have been married for 35 years. How fortunate we both are. Kevin, it was great to see you back at work, you did not stop smiling. Take Care,