Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if everyone was as excited to go back to work as I am. It's like losing your appetite and not being able to eat for two months, and then you stumble into Jack in The Box and eat three of their specially engineered pseudo-tacos and they actually taste good as they remind you of your childhood when that was the only fast food you could afford on your fixed income of collected, stray Bubble-Up bottles that you turned in for the deposit. (stream of consciousness alert) Suddenly, the mundane becomes fun and exciting.
Work was quite busy today. Yesterday I drove to Oakland for the regional chiefs' or urology meeting and there are a number of initiatives we need to put in place to continue to provide superior care during this recession. Hence, today I began work some of those projects. Additionally, I scheduled what will be my first surgery in over a year. I will be using a laser to blast a stone in a horseshoe kidney. (Yes, it really is a kidney shaped like a horseshoe.) That will be awesome.
The ride home was accentuated by driving the BMW with the sun-roof open; blasting Marc Broussard's "Home" so loud that I got a call from the international space station requesting that I turn down the volume.

Relish the mundane, it won't last forever.


(What I wanted to write but didn't was, "Muster the courage to Relish the mundane, it won't last forever and you can always Ketchup later.)


rebecca said...

a) i love this post!

b) i'm excited for you to get to do surgery!

and c) you're pun made me smile!! (not quite laugh, but hey at least i didn't roll my eyes)

oh and d) miss you!

Aunt Renie said...

Boo Hiss on the condiments.
Hooray for the mundane!