Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rain in July

As soon as I get to 180 lbs, I'll post a picture of myself. That may require the consumption of quite a few Drumsticks, (Not chicken, rather the ice cream type) Finally, on Thursday, I began to feel better. This was just in time to begin chemotherapy on Friday and today I was down again. This is probably because I had an IV infusion of Cytoxan and began taking Revlimid. Notwithstanding, I feel like the antiviral treatment is working. However, I need to pace myself and not overdo things just because I wake up craving doughnuts.

Rebecca flies home tomorrow to visit for a week, which is exciting. She did well her last term at BYU and is now working until she begins school again in the Fall. Caitlin continues to be the most difficult teenager one could imagine, (I jest, she daily amazes us with her insight and compassion). As parents we somehow hit the jackpot to have such wonderful and responsible children. Clearly this is because I married way above myself. When the mother is a saint, you end up with angels. I must beware lest I become like my dad; the epitome of hyperbole.

It is hard to plan ahead when you can't predict how you will feel tomorrow. I look for a string of three good days to indicate a pattern. However, this Wednesday I begin Decadron, which means that by Friday I should be a bipolar zombie. I think Barbie will be out of town that day. Somewhat like 'Dr Jekyll, everybody hide'.

Everyone has been so incredibly supportive. I have fantastic doctors, wonderful colleagues and staff in our department and so many friends that encourage us. If I feel down, I read the comments that people post on this site and I am lifted. Thank you. We must continue to find the beauty in everyday. Yesterday I saw a elderly man completely bent over at the waist. He could barely walk, and yet he slowly moved through the farmers' market with his daughter picking out fruit. What courage it must require of him just to leave the house. Today it rained, it rarely rains here in July and I just love that smell of fresh rain on hot pavement. What beauty did you experience today?



Anonymous said...


You are so inspiring! When times get tough as they do for all of us, I think of how you handle your "Mnt. Snt. Helens" and it provides the faith I need to conquer my "mole hills". This week 2 of my teenage children got to go on trek (a reinactment of the pioneers coming to Utah.) I was one of the drivers to drop off the youth in a remote, mountainous town of Utah by the name of Tabiona. I safely got the youth to their destination and began my travel home. As I got only 15 minutes away from my departure I found myself; alone, with a flat tire, no gas stations for 60 miles, a cell phone that gets intermittent service and an owners manual.

As I experienced one miracle unfold after another I almost had a feeling of being invincible. Angels truly assisted me with my "mole hill". I found a small cafe that had an air pump. My cell phone worked when I got to the cafe. The bishopric member over me that I happened to have his cell phone number was still within calling distance. The spare tire was also flat but was able to be pumped back up. I made it home safely!

Your question, "What beauties have you experienced today?" I know that you know what I am talking about when I say, "Little Miracles."

Kevin, may you and Barbie continue to experience little miracles everyday. You will probably NEVER know the impact that you make on others lives.

Prayers are with you both!

Love Linda Reichert

Brooke Trogdon said...

Hi Kevin,

I appreciate the rain so much too, that HAS to be my favorite smell besides the cool summer mornings where everything smells so fresh. On Friday I was able to be a missionary and I've never really done that, I gave a friend of mine information on "The Plan of Salvation" and I know that she'll read it. I just hope she has questions for me on Monday.

I've been sick with Morning sickness, but I can't complain because you're going through much worse, it's all about perspective. Anyways the last few days, I've woken up without too much nausea, that's just a yucky feeling.

Today is Sunday and we're going to church, sometimes I think I took it for granted when I was a little girl, but now I need it to thrive. I love our Heavenly Father who has such a wonderful plan for us. I'm so grateful to have an example such as you for my Uncle, I speak highly of you to people who do not even know you and they want to know more. Just remember that you are loved soooo much even if you can be "Dr. Jekyle"

Praying for you.

You're Niece Brooke

Penney Family said...

We were having dinner outside in that rain! It was refreshing. Others ran indoors or ducked under awnings, we looked up and embraced it and kept eating. We were rewarded by rainbows. We love the way you do the same with this challenge in your life. You have done a terrific job hitting it head on with a positive attitude and fortitude. Your rainbows are coming! You and Barbie are in our prayers, as usual.

Anonymous said...

You can't imagine the joy that leapt in my heart to read of your craving for drumsticks... of any kind! I instantly said a prayer of thanksgiving. Bless every little chemical particle that enters your body!
I love your quote of when the mother is a saint, the children will be angels. I think you have a lot to do with bringing out the best in the souls of each of them.
Have a beautiful day.
Aunt Renie

Paige Lloyd said...

Thank you so much for keeping this blog so that all of the people who care about your family can be kept up to date on the trials you are facing.

I too, like you Kevin, feel extremely blessed with wonderful children. Until you are a parent you can not begin to understand the blessing that they will be in your life. So amidst the enormous challenges you are facing, I am so happy for you to have an amazing wife and 4 incredible children who adore you.

You are in our prayers daily. Keep looking for the beauty in things, you'll find it.


Paige Lloyd

Sam said...

This post got me thinking... that is a good question to ask yourself each day. It will help to search out the blessings that are all around us. And in answer, here are a few beautiful things I've noticed today:
* My 4 month old baby sleeping and smiling.
* My 2 year old snuggling with his Daddy.
* My dear husband playing with our children and making them both laugh at the same time.
* My first 14 inch zuchinni fresh out of my garden.
* Rain clouds :)

Thank you for inspiring me to think for a while on the important and beautiful things in life.

As a side note... in the Anderson cookbook from several years ago (I think it's the first one) you and Barbie have a fudge recipe that looks amazing. Throughout the recipe however it talks about cooking it to a certain temperature several times but does not include what that temperature is. Is there a way that I can get that from you? I want to try it out. I hope that things start looking up for you.

Sam (John-David's wife)

Wendy said...

I had my Mom babysit for us on Sat. night. She was having a heart attack while she was babysitting but didn't want to bother us on our dinner date!(she was in pain but didn't know she was having a heart attack) I was so thankful she was at our house when this happened. Knowing her, she would have just slept it off if she was at her house. She probably wouldn't have woken up. She has M.S. and tends to live with a lot of pain daily. I'm grateful for good doctors and nurses that quickly took care of her and made her comfortable. I love that there are people out there that have dedicated their lives to making ours better! :)

Anonymous said...





Patty Kuntzmann said...

We also had "Rain in July". Although it was just enough to mix with the dust on the cars and make them look terrible. I do love that smell though. It's so clean and freshing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share all the things you guys are going thru. I know in our house, we are constantly online and one of the first thngs we do is come to you website and see how you guys are doing!

You are both truly inspiring!!

Even through all the ups and downs you somehow manage to be funny & positive everyday!!

You will probably never fully know the impact you have made on our lives and on the lives of everyone you meet!!

Hang in there & stay positive!

We love you!!
Patty & Family

Abbi Andersen said...

Today as I was driving to the grocery store, bubbles appeared out of nowhere, I mean giant bubbles. After a couple of weeks of total heart ache it only took bubbles to brighten my day and reassure me that we are being looked after by a loving Heavenly Father. We think of you and your family often. Hope to see you soon!

Allison said...

I am thankful for the sweetest neighbors that bring the yummiest cookies ever to my house just to say hello. We are so glad you are around the corner. Thanks for sharing your amazing experiences with us.