Thursday, December 4, 2008


A letter arrived the other day

From the parents of my donor

The pain in its penning twice mentioned.

Their mourning continues

At the loss of their son

So also their love remains strong.

With mortal existence cut short

A vital part of him lives on

In me

His name was Shane.

Even in their pain his parents wish my happiness

A gift doubled in their charity

Such sacrifice inexpressible

My duty to them, to him

In each act of kindness I commit

May I shorten their mourning

Pain replaced by comfort

In time that they will again see

The beauty of the trees

The majesty of the clouds

And feel joy in the light of a new day.



Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin,
Beautifully said. I agree! Hope you are doing well. Dr. Dana feels I should wait until after heart biopsy on the 23rd before starting valcade. So I will wait. Let me know what your doctor has said. See you and Barbie next week at the support group party. It should be lots of fun. I did find more out about my donor too. Her name is Jazmin, 18 years old. She was a twin and her twin sister Jamne died two years ago from a drug overdose. Her mom is mourning two daughters who have died within two years. She does want to have contact with me but at this time the pain is too much. I understand and will respect her wishes. I ask God to bless them each day. I hope to honor Jazmin on my blog when the time is right. I have pictures of her and she is a beautiful child. What a gift those parents gave the night they made the decision to donate her body. I will always be grateful. I know you understand what I'm feeling. See you next week. Rest and relax. Love Debbie

Mindy said...

That was beautiful Kevin. We all love Shane and I will pray for his parents.