Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Eat Better in 2014

"Eat Better in 2014" Catchy title. But this is not a blog on the virtues of vegan existence or grazing on crudites. It is about eating stuff that tastes better. And we all know what makes things taste better: FAT.
For Christmas I asked for an A&W Root Beer mug set. (nothing's better than drinking root beer from a frosty mug.) and a Presto Fry Daddy deep fat fryer. Barbie bought the upgraded version with a lid and a basket (still under $25.00). Everyday during the Christmas break my son-in-law, Ben, would ask with child-like exuberance, "What can we fry today?!" We did sweet potato fries with a horseradish fry sauce, corn-dogs, green beans a la tempura (healthy crudites) and even deep fried Oreo cookies.
Finally the day came when I had to attempt the coup de gras, double fried French Fries or, as we call them here in Southern Placer county, 'Lincoln Frites'.*
For the record, I used many organic ingredients, even the plastic lid on the fryer and the extension cord were organic, albeit if your definition of organic refers to items composed of carbon-based molecules. Were synthetic fertilizers used on my potatoes or peanut oil? Actually, I do not know; nor do I care.
I began by squaring off three Yukon Gold potatoes and cut them into 3/8" rods using a fry cutter called 'a sharp knife'. (The choice of Yukon Gold was arrived at when I opened the pantry and found some left over potatoes from Christmas Eve.) These were washed in ice cold water until clear and transferred to the fridge.
Now these fries cannot be confused with Fast Food because it took over 10 minutes to heat the peanut oil to 325 degrees. I the cooked the fries for about five minutes until the outsides were barely crisping and the insides barely translucent.

Upon holding the fry, it was limp. (let it cool first.) These are then place aside in a bowl.

The oil is then heated to at 375 degrees.

The first batch I under-cooked because they mistakenly looked more golden brown in the fryer. The second batch I cooked for about four minutes and they were perfect; and I'm talking Celestial perfection.
The fries are then drained on a deconstructed paper bag. The indigenous peoples of the Altiplano near lake Titicaca in Bolivia have been draining on paper bags for centuries as this is known to remove all of the oil from the potato thus rendering the fries 'fat free'.** (or is it un-rendering?) After a light dusting from your salt pig, you eat. These can be perfectly paired with nothing, or not nothing.
They are great at work parties, weddings, divorces, Bar Mitzvahs (substitute Kosher salt) and  in your RV while travelling to New York. (just set the fryer to 375 and the vehicle to cruise control. (even better with Burgundy sauce))
The extra raw cut potatoes can be stored in water and fried up in the morning for breakfast.

Eat Better through more expensive oils with high smoke points

Eat Better with creative sauces all based on more fat

Eat Better with batter

Eat Better by calling your mayonnaise "aioli"

Better Eat quick, your fries are getting cold.


* Now Gluten Free for people who don't actually have celiac sprue, but feel better when they don't eat gluten.
**FDA disavows this claim as unsubstantiated.


Unknown said...

This is the greatest post! Ben and I laughed the whole way through. We made some sweet potato fries yesterday and they sure were delicious. We are definitely "eating better". Haha Love you Dad!

Unknown said...

This is the best post! Ben and I laughed the whole way through. We made sweet potato fries yesterday and they were delicious! We are definitely "eating better" this year. haha Love you Dad!

Ben Solari said...

Next thing going in the deep fryer is some chicken of the cave... Followed of course by chicken of the rail yard; there's a lot of meat on them!

Ben Solari said...

Next thing going in the deep fryer is some chicken of the cave... Followed of course by chicken of the rail yard; there's a lot of meat on them!

love, Aunt Renie said...

This just goes to show that the indigenous folks of Lake Titicaca are much more advanced than we Americanos, having invented de-composed paper bags hundreds of years ago!
Seriously, I need, I want, I would LOVE a deep-fried Oreo cookie!!

Emma and Dan said...

I must admit that I was worried when I saw the title, but I did thoroughly enjoy the post. I would have enjoyed it even more if I had some of the those fries...

janet Weller said...

Hi my name is Janet and my husband was told he had in May he has primary amyloidosis of the heart.

While I was on line I came across your book, and down loaded to my kindle. As it turns out we had a appointment at Tufts Medical this past Monday. I love your book!!!

This is such a confusing disease and trying to find a specialist is so important. I want to thank you for sharing your story.

My husband has been placed on the transplant list, he's done 6 months of velcade and revlimid but his Dr. now has him on a velcade maintance for now. You give me hope for "A new normal".
Thank you Janet Weller