Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Three Years

The last three years have been wonderful. I feel only gratitude for my new heart and the life I have been given. Today I spent 12 hours in the operating room doing what I love. I came home tired, but in a good way. Mostly, I cherish my continued companionship with Barbie, my family and friends. I used to think that if I made it to three years I could then tell Stanford that they didn't waste a heart on a primary amyloidosis patient. Now, Barbie and I don't really think in dates, endpoints or statistics. Life carries on just like it would for anyone else; with no particular thought of future mortality. We are so blessed.
Thank you to God, to my friends, to my donor and so many that have helped us never feel alone or without hope. Here's to many, many more years.



lovelaughtermusic said...

What a blessing to simply live an ordinary life and grow old; I'm so glad you're here to share the journey with us. Cheers to many, many more years!!

Tippi said...

it amazes me its been 3 years!! i go next week for my 3 yr appt.

Aunt Renie said...

God is exceedingly good.
Happy Anniversaries!!

Emma and Dan said...

Amen! We love you guys!