Monday, April 12, 2010


Have you ever regarded a blossom for more than a moment?
Maybe fifteen moments or even a minute
So close that the fragrance fills your senses, 
but with the softness remaining in constant focus.
Can such singular regard preserve the comprehension of the whole?
The leaves, translucent green as new tender shoots of spring
Capturing the sun, breathing the air, drinking the morning dew
All to nurture the flower that ensures their existence.
The twig, the branch, the trunk
Buried roots in soft earth
Land, air, wind, sky
Clouds roll by to promise the possibility of essential rain
All combine in time to create.
Small delicate pink with lines of red
In its fragility lay the seeds of strength
Yesterday a mere bud; unopened
Tomorrow a phantom petal on the breeze
Today the majesty of beauty simple
Can a human by thought or deed exceed the magic of nature?
The Gift of God given; to behold and wait on this coupled variety
To finally see the greater whole.



The Queen said...

Kevin - I love your eloquence! What a beautiful sentiment. Glad that you're still alive and kickin' after your snorkeling adventure. Take care and keep on keepin' on!

Darlene Anderson said...

Beautiful....the circle of life stuff. I couldn't help but reflect on "the circle of life" and your interaction with the swift water and sharply barnacled cliff. You, dear Kevin, came very close to being an example of how Mother Nature doesn't care about your feelings but has unyielding natural laws. I'm glad you're here to tell the story.

Alan said...

Nice meeting you at the support group meeting today at Stanford. Thanks again for the help you've given to my parents.

You are a great writer.

Alan Tidwell