Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sick of being sick

Occasionally someone will ask what my 'health score' is as I used to report it on a daily basis a year ago during my stem cell transplant. Generally I run in the 80's when thing are stable. Today I would give myself the score of 63. I am suffering from a double whammy right now. The usual crash after coming off of Decadron and bronchitis. Last week I began to have severe symptoms of bronchitis which worsened on Friday. I then got a CBC and my white cells were 1000 and my absolute neutrophil count is 300. That is too low. It should be above 2500. I have no soldiers to fight my microbial battles. I started Neupogen yesterday to stimulate my bone marrow and I hope by tomorrow that I will begin to improve. I am so very tired.
Of course, if we have learned anything it is that no matter how bad you feel today, you will get better. I count on that.



Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear you have bronchitis and feeling so tired. Hopefully the Neupogen will jump start those soldiers to combat the bronchitis STAT. Keeping you in our thoughts. Elle

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read that you are not feeling well - you and Barbie are in my thoughts and prayers as always...
With love,
Judy Grabert

Anonymous said...

I will pray for a gazillion White blood cells, Kevin! Thank God for modern medical interventions!
love, Aunt Renie

Wendy said...

get better! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin, I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. We have to be so careful around people who are sick. I still today use my mask when ever I'm in large crowds especially in the hospital. I hope you get better soon. Sorry I missed the last Amyloidosis meeting. I wasn't feeling strong that day and took the day to rest. Tomorrow I get results from my monthly lambha light chain count and I'm hoping for below 100. Wow that will be so good to finally be below 100. I will let you know. Get better soon! love,