Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The illusion of immortality

The Modern Family


Kevin and baby Kevin

The Dison Family

Bowling Night

I apologize for my tardiness in sharing all the good things happening in our lives. Interestingly, herein lies the dilemma. Songwriter, poets and bloggers often lose their muse when things are going well. I psychologically crossed some invisible thresh hold about 6 weeks ago where I now no longer see a mortality date stamped upon my life. Currently I have returned to the billions who are emotionally unaware of when they might die and live life with the illusion of immortality. I am totally fine with that. Back to the "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" where my psyche ignores my intellect. Prepare for the worst; Hope for the Best; and plan for ten years from now.
Christmas was fantastic. We had all of our children and daughters in law here. All of Barbie's family was here including her brother Daniel, his wife Emma and their two children, the immensely precocious and overly cute Elena and the well named Kevin. We don't see them much as Daniel is in medical school in Wake Forest in North Carolina. Our visit was interrupted by my 3 day excursion to the Big Apple for the wedding of a very close friend, Brian Ciccotelli and his bride, Isa. The entire two weeks was filled with reunions and a house full of activity. It was great. I miss them all.

Now it is back to life. I work, Barbie is in school with inorganic chemistry and microbiology and Caitlin has the same busy schedule. A doctor friend asked today if I couldn't just find a way to be on disability; I responded, "I love to work and will continue as long as I can." What more can I say.


Wendy said...

Loved this post! Love you guys!

Unknown said...

Just delighted that you have reached this place... Christmas must have been WONDERFUL, joyous, an incredible blessing, etc.etc. Yeah! Love you,

Patty Kuntzmann said...

It was so nice to see everyone. It had been so long since I had seen everyone. Thank you so much for including us! I would love to have copies of the pictures. They look like they turned out great. DO you think you could email me some?

Love you guys & miss you all!