Friday, May 22, 2009

Between a rock and a hard spot

Last Saturday I got a little stoned, but it passed. I had symptoms of a stone for the past month and finally it passed. This stone has been sitting in my left kidney for the past 8 years and gave me the first symptoms of discomfort the night that I went into septic shock from the bone marrow transplant. Stones always pass at the most inopportune time. The last few weeks have been tough. I am constantly fatigued; making routine activities difficult. I know that they said it would take a year to recover and it has only been two months, but I was hoping for a little more energy. I am constantly wondering whether all of my symptoms are from drugs side effect, chemo side effects, persistent amyloidosis or infection. Recently, I have developed significant peripheral neuropathy which makes it hard to sleep. One wonders if this will stabilize, improve or continue to worsen. All of this affects my motivation.

I will return to work part time in 3 weeks. I know this will help as I am able to focus on others rather than on myself. I guess I have to be patient and accept each day as it comes.



Tippi said...

You know I have the same problems!!
My heart/chest scar/breathing etc. feel great!!!!!!!!! Its other things that are giving me problems!!
Is it drugs? Is it my Friedreich's ataxia?
It seems like one thing after another and gets very frustrating at times. Just know you are not alone and we are alive to see that kid get a driver license, in my case graduate from h/s etc! right?
It is so hard but we gotta keep thinking of the good things to get us past the not so good things.
Hugs Kevin and tell Barbie hi
ohhhh and my sis Lisa wanted me to tell you and Barbie hi also.
She cant figure out how to leave a comment hehe (she checks your blog everynight she goes to work)

Aunt Renie said...

Dear Kevin, you are so right on about being patient. Your body is recovering from an rather unorthodox intrusion (but thank God for modern medical miracles!)
The Rocky Mtn. Cancer Center told Ed that the fastest anyone returned to work full-time was 42 days. He thought he would beat it. But it was over 60 days before he went back part-time. Now he's working 70 hrs./wk. and loving it.
I think you're wise to start back part-time and I pray you'll gradually regain your energy.... slowly but surely.

Wendy said...

That is just not right!!! You should not get a kidney stone with what you have been through, too!!! I am taking my complaints to the boss! Seriously...not fair!

Unknown said...

Just catching up on your blog. Glad you are sharing your experiences both good and frustrating and giving your support. Don't take this the wrong way but hope we don't see you back on E1. Need to keep the beds for sick people. Keep well.
Frances RN

lmstrobel said...

Kevin, is it really weird of me to see your stone and think, "WOW - how cool!" I strain for those at work all the time and I never catch one. How big is that beauty anyway?

We can't wait for next week....

Anonymous said...

I keep checking your blog & see that big brown stone. Ouch!
I keep hoping for an update on Barbie's classes, now that they are done. I'm sure she did well.
love, Aunt Renie