Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year in Tahoe

We had a fantastic time as a family on New Years Day in Lake Tahoe. Our annual tradition is to go snowmobiling. This began when we lived in a rental in Rocklin 4 years ago, and it was our first Christmas away from Connecticut, so we were sad and had to get out of the house. Being in the snow covered mountains with a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe will lift any one's spirit. Doing it at 40 mph is even better.

The weather was perfect; crisp, clear but not too cold. We were all together with the exception of Jeremy and Alexandria. The one glitch was that we thought Caitlin could drive her own snowmobile at age 15. She had been anticipating this all year only to be told when we got there that the minimum age was 16. She was devastated. However, the tour guide had her ride on the back of his vehicle and then let her drive quite a bit. She was then all smiles. We spent two hours racing through snow covered pine trees with blue skies above and a blue lake below. This has become a great family tradition.


Caitlin after being told that she couldn't drive the snowmobile

Caitlin after driving with the tour guide in back, holding on for dear life.

Corey and Rebecca

Samuel and Michelle


Brooke Trogdon said...

Love the post and I love all of the photos! You guys look like you had a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin and Family, what a great family tradition! Kevin, for the first time, I can see what the doctors keep telling us in those pictures of you and your family. They keep telling us to "Go out and Live your life" and you are doing it! Enjoy each and every moment because they are special. Miss you and Barbie. Hope to see you both at support group meeting on the 13th. I start Valcade on Friday and hope all goes well. Have a doctor appointment at Stanford on Tuesday to go over treatment and current lamba/kappa count. Hope to see you at support.
Love, Debbie Douglas

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and fun :)
Wish I could still walk in the snow!